Edgewater Elementary School

Ms. Shirley Kapitsky - Principal

Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

In order to prepare students to live in and contribute to a changing world, Edgewater Elementary School is committed to developing our students’ individual talents, critical thinking, and technology skills. Edgewater Elementary School provides lifelong learning experiences allowing every child to become independent, self-confident, creative and responsible citizens. We are dedicated to a collaborative, community-based approach in order to maintain high academic standards in a safe and caring environment.



Vision Statement

Our community-based vision to education is based on the following principles:

  • All students have the right to be adequately prepared academically and socially, in order to make informed decisions regarding their future choices and to take their place as active contributors in the community.

  • Collaborative approaches to education by Edgewater Elementary School employees will help ensure all students succeed and reach their full potential. Overall student success is achieved through the combined support of the whole Edgewater Elementary School community: teachers, resource personnel, professionals, staff, administration, parents, community partners and student peers.

  • Competency development which will support student achievement so that all students attain grade-level or higher performance levels annually, as measured by school, school board and ministry assessments.

  • Preparing students for graduation and secondary education necessitates that course content and evaluation practices, at all grade levels, be consistent with the requirements for each subject competency.

  • Preparing students to use technology appropriately is an essential part of education in the 21st century. We endeavour to make our students responsible digital citizens.

  • Promoting personal growth and physical wellness through physical education.

  • Provision of a variety of extracurricular activities including sports, arts, community service and leadership/school pride, complements and deepens classroom learning.