Edgewater Elementary School

Ms. Shirley Kapitsky - Principal

Lunch & Daycare


Beth Miller
Daycare Coordinator

Morning and After-School Program

We offer age appropriate educational activities that meet the child’s needs. These include, but are not limited to, arts and crafts, science, computers, dramatic play, gym, music and cooking. Our monthly program is theme-based.

A homework period is set aside Monday to Thursday for Grades 2 through 6 to do homework. The educator is available to encourage and to assist but homework is the responsibility of the individual child. If the student has no homework they will be expected to read quietly. The expectation is that children will complete their unfinished homework at home. 


Lunch Program

The children eat their lunch in their own classroom at the beginning of the lunch hour under the supervision of a lunch supervisor. Please keep in mind that Edgewater is a nut-controlled school when preparing your child’s lunch. It is the school’s policy that there is no sharing of food. This is for the safety of children with severe allergies. Children are expected to stay seated until their lunch is finished. Some light activities such as story reading, coloring, and Lego building are available for those finished their lunches early. The second half of the lunch hour is spent playing outside. Balls and other sports equipment are available during outdoor play. In the winter months, a number of indoor activities such as chess, crafts, book club … will be offered on a rotational basis. There is no additional charge to participate in these activities.


Daycare Program

The philosophy of the Edgewater Daycare Program is to provide a complementary program of child centered activities through the leadership of the educators, the support of the parents and the cooperation of the children. Our aim is to develop and maintain a positive and caring environment.

Our prime concern is the well-being and safety of every child. We promote a comfortable and family centered atmosphere. A rich learning environment with much to explore and discover, is combined with a program to further the development of the whole child. 


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Beth Miller at 514-453-1185. In an emergency please call the Edgewater School office at 514-453-4534. 




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