Edgewater Elementary School

Ms. Shirley Kapitsky - Principal

General Information

School Hours

8:55 A.M. Buses unload
9:00 A.M. Homeroom begins
9:05 A.M. Classes begin
11:50 P.M. Lunch begins
12:45 P.M Students arrive back from lunch
12:50 P.M. Classes begin
3:20 P.M. End of school day
3:25 P.M. Buses depart


Please see that your youngster does not arrive prior to these times, as problems often result when children are unsupervised. Children should not arrive in the schoolyard before 8:50 A.M. and 12:45 P.M. (except those children enrolled in lunch program and Daycare). 



Emergency Contacts - IMPORTANT!

In the event of any emergency here at school which requires us to contact parents, it is essential that we have the name and telephone number of a close-by neighbour or family member who is at home, and would be willing to care for your child.

Please be sure to list ALL MEDICAL CONDITIONS, including ALLERGIES. IF ANY INFORMATION SHOULD CHANGE DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR PLEASE CONTACT THE SCHOOL OFFICE. Also, if there are any people who for any reason should not have contact with your child (re. custodial arrangements, court orders, etc.) please communicate this information directly to the principal along with the appropriate documentation.  



Drop Off and Pick Up of Students

If you are driving your child to school or picking them up use the following entrance at arrival and dismissal times:

Kindergarten doors on 8th Avenue – south side of the school. (Please stay on the street side of the fence.)

The 8th Avenue entrance opens for children at 8:50 a.m. Supervision will be provided from 8:50 a.m. onwards. Parking is available on Martel Street and the side streets. 



Absences from School

Parents are asked to call in to the school when their child will be absent. Please call the school early in the morning and leave a message on the answering machine (option 3) or between noon and 1:00 p.m. for any afternoon absences.

A written note to explain the child's absence is requested by law. Please send the note when the child returns to school. 



Emergency Closures

Any decision regarding the closure of the school due to adverse weather conditions will be made before 6:30 a.m. The following radio stations will broadcast the appropriate message: CJAD, CHOM. Q 92, 95.1 FM and VIRGIN 96



Dress Code

Students should wear clean and appropriate dress. Clothing with sayings, pictures or images offensive to any individual or group will not be permitted. Skimpy or revealing clothing is not appropriate, i.e.: short shorts, tank tops, spaghetti straps cut-offs or torn jeans. Face makeup is not permitted. Please be conscious of safety when students wear jewellery, i.e. only earrings smaller than a quarter should be worn. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen jewellery.

Footwear: Only sandals with straps, no flip-flops are permitted. Please have a pair of indoor shoes that can be worn in school. This will keep the sand and dirt in the halls and not in the class. 



Physical Education Requirements

T-shirt, shorts (properly hemmed), or sweatpants, gym (running) shoes are required. Wearing jeans or dress shoes is a safety hazard. All students are asked to keep a pair of running shoes at school to wear in the classroom and in gym class. This will also keep the dirt brought into school in the hallway and not the classes or the gym. 



Student Fees

The school consumable fees are set each year. Kindergarten parents pay an additional amount which covers the cost of all your child’s supplies for the school year. You will be receive a school fee bill in the opening day package outlining the costs for the school agenda and workbooks in each classroom. A motion was passed at the June 2014 Governing Board meeting confirming this. Please make your cheque payable to ���Edgewater School”. If you need to make arrangements for payment please contact the school principal



School Volunteer Program

It would not be possible to offer the many programs and activities available to the Edgewater students, if not for the talents and time that parents volunteer in our school. Your ongoing participation is greatly appreciated! 

Sign up sheets will be available for our various programs at Curriculum Night.



Photos of Students and Staff Members

Please do not post any photos of staff members or students, other than your own, on Facebook.